The visit (to be booked one week before) includes :

  • Guided Tour in Italian or, if needed, in another language (English, French, German) of approximatively one hour. The itinerary is the following:
    Departing from the main entrance of the Winery, the visit begins walking up to the vineyards located on the side of the property. We proceed then inside the canteen from the back door and then up the steps until the roof for an overview of the vineyards. Back into the canteen, the visit continues along the main catwalk located above the production area. Going down the stairs on the opposite side (an elevator is also available), we enter the ageing cellar. From there, the visit ends outdoor at the Natural Oasis (lake from natural spring with Mediterranean vegetation). Back to the Winery , we will reach the 1st Floor for the tasting of the wines:
  • Tasting of the range (current vintages)Costs for small groups (up to 10 people):
    Up to 5 wines                            € 20,00 per person;
    Up to 7 wines                            € 30,00 per person;

    Costs for groups larger than 10 people:
    Whole range                    € 25,00 per person.

Together with the wines, we will offer a selection of typical products form our Territory (homemade bread, Bassiano Ham, Pecorino cheese, Sheep cheese).


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